"I like it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless."
-Massimo Vignelli




Since the early 90's, primary focus has always been design. Making my transition into digital from print was necessary to evolve with UX methodology.


Originally my first job was in a photo studio working under Linda Marie. I received hands on training for traditional retouching. Thats before the digital age!



Training for responsive UX design has been implemented as the entire industry is now designing within the browser. Coming from traditional graphic design it's exciting.



My Direction was to bring Dita in house for her Lingerie launch putting her behind the lense as the visionary for her collection. With behind the scenes video walkthrough and introduction marrying 2 brands for Barenecessities. Plan was increased by 80% with social awareness bringing the brand to a younger demographic and boosting UGC engagement.

- Photography by Jess Tyner





My initial concept for the Month of May (Mom Hacks) was to bring user a seamless experience. Concept was passed along and the creative team built out each asset for this campaign. With so many moving pieces to update, I was responsible for creating the look and feel and over all experience of the campaign/ Landing page. A "Hack a day for the month of May" Campaign had social, email and videography to support cadence. Emails, home page assets and social posts along with navigation on desktop/mobile.



Emails reconstructed for Responsive design

Responsive Emails - Coded

Responsive emails


Emails reconstructed for Responsive design

Coded responsive emails HTML/CSS (data interchange)


Lightbox Pop-up for conversion

Working with Dressbarn has been an exciting experience.


Initially we began with bringing mobile to dressbarn. Utilizing a new tool "Usablenet" I was able to create a beautiful experience on a wide range of devices. Here is a legacy brand that needed to update its image. Supermodel Hillary Rhoda and fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier shot the fall 15' ad campaign. Since then, we have gone fully responsive, using CSS and Java script for new platform. Major UX sessions, in house development building out homepage and html email asset integration.




Wordpress build and responsive design coded emails and home page updates. 

Ashley Graham_Social.jpg

EMAIL MARKETING - Segmented emails for misses | plus | petite

Emails are coded with html integration and delivered to email management vendor.

em20160208_Laceshop_Tops copy.jpg

DENIM LANDING PAGE | mobile experience 

Lingerie company bare necessities


Brought on by Robert Vega, Creative Director. Here is where I found my true calling. In-house studio direction with retouching and digital design. While the position was to provide art direction to new hires, I was able to Pitch the Dita experience, making my concept a reality. It started with one idea, in the end we converted profit for both brands and was able to bring bare necessities major celebrity exposure. 

- Photography by Jess Tyner


Swim 2015 Campaign mock-up

Swim 2015 Campaign mock-up

Chantelle collection | Look closer, some selects have been left raw for side by side comparison (retouching) 

Chantelle collection | Look closer, some selects have been left raw for side by side comparison (retouching) 

Scott was the most passionate person I have ever met. I still apply his modo in my everyday life. I take with me his power, dedication and influence.


During my time with Scott I worked closely with him and Dan Scott, CMO. We handled most of the advertising, creative and marketing including spreads for Brides and The Knot magazine. We lost Scott Kay in 2014. What he taught me you cannot learn from anyone in the industry. I admired him for his success and was determined to fulfill my own expectation. My sincere condolences to his family. 


Recognize these devastatingly handsome hands? they're mine! We shot this for the Couture show in Vegas. - Photographer, Walt Gilligan 

Recognize these devastatingly handsome hands? they're mine! We shot this for the Couture show in Vegas. - Photographer, Walt Gilligan 

Brides Magazine - Cover 2 Page 1

Brides Magazine - Cover 2 Page 1

The Knot Magazine - Cover 2 page 1

The Knot Magazine - Cover 2 page 1

Macys.com - Digital Design


Senior Web Designer. Category Pages, Emails, Banners, Sub ads, Affiliate marketing, etc.. Someone once told me, "if you could make it here you could make it anywhere". The level of production was completely unsurpassed. There was a formula regarding RTW Once you found the groove there was no stopping you. I'm glad to have had the experience of a fast paced eCommerce giant such as Macys. Also my first Major brand exposure.



In-House photography studio, amazing designers, great team, complete digital emersion. EFS was 10 years ahead of its time.


I was recruited by Joseph Baldini (Creative Director) who some say is the brain child of his generation. I fell in love with the team immediately. What I learned during my transition into fashion was vital. I still think it was the greatest position I ever held. This is mostly desktop design - circa 2005