I am a well-versed digital UX Art Director with agency and corporate experience. I am a trained and proficient UX designer with a close attention to detail and creativity. I began my career in design originally as a traditional photo retoucher.

I received hands-on training at a photography studio where I learned how to manipulate and enhance photos and create restorations. Since my original training in 1993 my experience has progressed into digital design for advertisement agencies with celebrity and major brand exposure. 


On a more personal level I enjoy fine swiss movements of the calibre 16 Carrera or Daytona Oyster perpetual. Shooting my Cannon Mark III paired with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. Perhaps modifying my vehicle as an auto enthusiast.

On December 11th 2015 I married my best friend. I can honestly say I have never wanted to be a better man not only for myself but for my beautiful wife.